About Us

Our physiotherapy Mississauga clinic is sincerely dedicated to an integrated approach to proper injury management and the universal promotion of optimal health and wellness.

We utilize our state-of-art technology and expertise to improve lives. Our physical therapy clinic successfully blends latest medical fitness and preventive strategies with traditional therapeutic injury management to provide you world class results.

Quite simply, you’ll feel better, move better, and live a better life!

What to expect?

Before you receive any treatment at our clinic, our trained and certified physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment to diagnose the exact issue. In order to find the root cause of your discomfort and pain, our experts will treat you using appropriate techniques which they feel will provide you maximum relief and the most accurate answers.

Here are the vital steps we follow to ensure best results at our physiotherapy Mississauga clinic:

Learning your body – First and foremost, our physiotherapist will understand and identify the exact source of condition, injury or discomfort. Then we’ll use latest cutting edge techniques and tools for alleviating your pain.

Flexible appointment booking – When any issue arises, it’s important that you receive quick treatment. Expediency at this stage means the difference between an acute injury that’s cured and one that finally becomes chronic. Here at our physical therapy clinic, we are open six days a week and can book an appointment within 24 hours of your call.

A focus on pain relief – No one deserves to live in pain. We’ve developed a special pain analysis system to accurately determine the exact reason of pain. Then we develop a fully customized plan to eliminate your pain-at the source!

Posture and exercises – Are you working on a regular basis? Is your posture poor or fair? These two factors play an important role in curing and preventing injuries. Our physiotherapy Mississauga clinic provides you with professional guidance and exercise advice to help you return to active, healthy life as quickly as possible.
Manual therapy techniques – At our clinic, we provide hands-on-treatment. Our physiotherapists are experts in latest manual therapy techniques that can be used to mobile your soft tissue, thereby providing you highest level of comfort.

Advanced physiotherapy – We take pride in our clinic and our staff. Each physiotherapist in our clinic has mastered the art of treatment techniques that they use in our clinic and we are equipped with latest equipment and tools to provide you best physiotherapy service possible.

Services Offered

All our therapists are registered physiotherapists. After initial assessment and diagnosis, your treatment will begin on the first day itself. Our physiotherapists are trained to treat various conditions, including the following:

• Motor vehicle accidents
• Physiotherapy,
• Back and neck pain,
• Sprains and strains,
• Post fracture treatment,
• Fall prevention programs
• Workplace injuries through WSIB
• Seniors activation programs
• Post operative procedures such as knee replacements, hip replacements,
• Arthroscopies of the shoulder or knee, ankle, wrist and more…

Treatment can include spine and join mobilization, interferential muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercise, acupuncture, laser therapy, hot wax treatment, ultrasound, spinal traction, hot/cold therapy, and other treatments. Most of these treatment interventions can seamlessly work together to speed up the recovery process. Hands on treatment is the biggest component of the treatment since our experts know that it is the most critical component of rapid healing. If you have been involved in a physical therapy in other countries, please laarn what is the difference in US and Canadian physiotherapist education and certification requirements.

Not sure where to start? Book a FREE Case Assessment at our clinic today! During this appointment, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your condition in detail with one of our experts. He/she will provide you with an initial diagnosis at the end of assessment along with all of the options available to you.

Learn more about what physiotherapy is and how it can help you live more fullfilling life.

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